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The online modes worked rather well for me, but it stopped a bit short of really changing the game for online sports matchmaking and customization. The WWE creation suite feels a bit neutered compared to past iterations.

All of those things are a shame given the fun there is to be had with the 2K Showcase mode and the general mood the game captures about wrestling and having fun in the WWE. If you love WWE, you may be satisfied with what this game brings to the table, but otherwise I think it best to wait until Visual Concepts builds upon this solid foundation a bit more and see what it holds next year.

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  • WWE 2K15 review: The series gets an Attitude Adjustment.
  • View all Movies Sites. This means if you want to try a new grappler you have to remember to put them on your list ahead of time. This, combined with netcode that can sometimes be just laggy enough to make the timing-based reversals and kick-outs occasionally impossible to pull off, means the online mode still has room for improvement.

    The most interesting addition, though, is the MyCareer mode. >> Cool Porn Pictures, Beautiful Erotic Otonoha Quality

    These new modes come at a cost, though. Wrestling games have long been built around their customization options, and 2K cut several of them in order to make the release date.


    The game does offer you the ability to edit existing wrestlers but you are limited only to clothing options, meaning my dream of painting Batista green and turning him into Drax the Destroyer like God intended was for naught. Considering the fan community that has sprung up around creating virtual wrestling federations and streaming them online, this is a significant step backward for the series. Many actual gameplay modes seem to have been left on the cutting room floor too, and the omissions are often as inconsistent and baffling as they are disappointing.

    Yet, its legacy issues and some questionable design choices keep it from greatness. And so, just like with the sad case of Daniel Bryan, fans will be left waiting and wondering what could have been if things had gone differently. The game is rated T. NWO games for N Those were the best wrestling games of all-time. WWE 2K15 presents a visual step up over old-gen versions, but regresses in most.

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    Jumping into MyCareer or Showcase mode will turn it off. Because i turn it on and wait about 30mins and there is still no any. Matches it all has to be done though the Background Matchmaking? WWE 2K15 is an awkward transition to a new generation of consoles. WWE 2K15s baffling new interface and background matchmaking system. Thus, 2K15s change to a new background matchmaking system, that has.