Having sex very quickly can force a budding relationship to move faster than many people can handle.

Is sleeping with a guy after one week way to soon?

In other words, rapid physical intimacy can lead to rushing into emotional intimacy. And this is when things go awry. When a relationship gets intense right away, couples tend to spend way too much time together and share too much too soon. This tends to freak people out, especially men. Back off of spending too much time together or telling your life story right away.

Getting involved quickly works for some people, but for most it ends up a disaster. What do you think?

Has it worked for you? I have never been a jump right in kind of girl and have had a 4 date minimum. But I have been on 3 dates with a guy, have only lightly kissed and now it has been 3 weeks cause he is busy with work. Today I went on a date with a guy 11 years younger than me. We clicked after a 2 hour phone call after emailing. We had an almost 9 hour date and we ended up at his place after starbucks, nice walk, movie, then another walk at the park. It felt great to hang with him and yes we had very safe sex.

It was great, no regrets at all. I just met someone 3 months ago on an online site. We met, had lunch twice, and then had lots of conservations via text. After 2 months he invited me to his house.

This is how many dates you should wait to have sex

We have the most wonderful time together, and since he has been to my house as well. I am tempted to try and spend more time together, but I see the need to not do so…. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Talked to a guy for over a year.. No Regrets just Lessons Learned!

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I went to have lunch on Sunday with a friend and saw this really cute cook going to the restroom and I told my waiter to give him my number. He immediately texted me and asked me to send him a picture of myself. We started texting then went to the movies the day after and the day after that and the day after that one as well lol after 4 days today we went to the lake and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Do you think this is too fast? I know we like to think we will only met 1 or 2 people in our lives who we have connections with or who we love, but dating really is like the reject bin at a store. You have to pick through a bunch of things you don't want to get something good.

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That's why older people will usually tell you not to sleep with someone too soon. Cause it usually just leads to a lot of regret. Because once you have sex, it kinda changes our views. Not everyone is like this, but when a guy has sex with a girl early, he pretty much feels he's seen all of you. Subsequently comes the lack of interest and detachment. Make a guy work for it, learn more about you.

I would not dump you because of it. But I do think that is way to early. If there's a connection between the 2 of you, I don't see the issue with sleeping with him if its something you both want.

When To Have Sex

As for dumping goes; overall speaking no but there's plenty of guys out there who are just after sex and start dumping after they've gotten what they wanted. On the bright side; if that would happen, at least you'd know it early on before actually falling hopelessly in love. I have had sex 1 hour after meeting someone and waited 3 months to have sex with someone of course this was many moons ago. Neither impacted my relationship. Now if she went and had sex with someone else the next day that would end a relationship.

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I would never dump someone for sleeping together too soon. Yes, that is WAY to early. You run the chance of him ending it after that. Men want it, but lose respect for you if you give it up that fast. It also tells a lot about a guy. Let's just say you starting dating him and are now together for a while. Would you be secure knowing that he is going out with the guys and will be faithful knowing that he is so quick to hook up?

I know you want it and you like him. I have gone too fast and it only got me alone. The two times I actually waited, ended up I long term relationshps. Just don't put yourself in situations that will be hard to avoid sex his apartment, your apartment, etc An old trick my sister used to do is NOT shave That way, you will be TOO embarrassed to hook up.

Haha that shaving thing is sooo true. And If I've known him for years haven't been close tho and were just dating for a week? Most guys I've been with would have left if I didn't put out within a couple of days. How do you know if she barely knows him or not, for all we know they were childhood friends.

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