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This is simply not the case. No, I do not know about the legal intricacies of internet libel law.

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No I can't help you get out of your mobile phone contract. No, I can't help you if you've killed a man! And even if you do give advice, be sure to add disclaimers. To start with, you will have lectures. Then you will be assigned reading to do, and answers to prepare for tutorials and seminars. I was unlucky enough to have tutors who would use tutorials as interrogation sessions to highlight your deficiencies in knowledge and understanding of the law.

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My motivation for those tutorials was avoiding the wrath of the tutor. In hindsight this method of teaching clearly worked. Smaller group teaching sessions are key opportunities to test your understanding and give structure to your learning. The more effort you put into them, the more you will learn. In your law school, you are always competing against your fellow students for the best grades. Some law schools mark using a bell curve, so that your grades directly depend on how the rest of the year performs. Some students become extremely defensive and do everything they can purely for personal gain at the expense of others.

This is rare, but law school can be a bit like being on "The Apprentice" competing against others in a high pressure environment with backstabbing and drama! To this day, the expense of law textbooks still hurts. At some point during their degrees, when motivation levels are low, and the mountain of cases to read high, law students will question their choice.

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A law degree will stretch you to your limits and test your commitment. I know many students who have dropped out of law degrees unable to cope with the intensity. Don't make the decision over the choice of degree lightly. A law degree is a very expensive investment. In fact, some may be better off choosing a degree they enjoy at university in which they can gain better honours and then decide whether to commit to law and do the GDL. I thought I'd cope well with a law degree, having performed well at school. There's a good reason why the entry levels are so high at the top university law departments.

How To Date A Law School Student

This is relatively normal. The process of learning and understanding is different and takes some getting used to. Finally, a series of phrases you will have to get used to hearing. Get thinking of good responses. Career prospects Law is a well respected degree but its graduate prospects are not as good as universities like to make out. There's so much reading I had some idea that there would be a lot of reading, but I had no idea that horror stories of law students spending all day and all night in the library were actually true.

Work hard, work smart, be organised The workload becomes easier if you are well organised and focus on working efficiently.

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Find my in-box flooded with e-mails regarding messages, flirts, and hot listings from dating site. Frustrated that I wasted three hours of my life responding to guys on a dating site.

The Single College Girl Obsessed With a Yale Law Student

Who knew the service included an instant-message feature? Also ask him not to rape me. While waiting for my Internet date, I get a call from Yale Law boy! Internet date is astronomically less attractive in person than he is in his pictures. Sweet kid, but pretty awkward.

Promise to quit dating site tomorrow because I have succeeded in getting a real, live date all on my own — and a Jewish Yale law student at that! Standard morning at the hospital. He makes a sexist joke about me getting him a coffee and filing some of his paperwork. Fill in best friend on pending date with Yale Law boy. Dinner with my grandparents. They eagerly listen to my stories about working in a hospital. Tomorrow is my date with Yale Law boy.

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