What Should You Do If He Says He Never Wants to Get Married?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people in this world who have no interest in ever having children, and it's not your place to try to change them. In fact, if you push him into it against his better judgement and he ends up having children that he didn't want, it could be a disaster.

You're much better off looking for someone else to marry if you truly want a family and he doesn't. Yeah, a guy doesn't want to get married if he says this. Actually, he might not even want to be in a long-term, monogamous relationship! Just don't delude yourself into thinking that you can change his mind.

When A Guy Says He Doesn’t Want Marriage: Believe Him!

You may be great and everything, and he may love you, but that has nothing to do with his desire to commit. Even a man who is madly in love with you may have other plans for his life and may be resistant to being tied down. Granted, most men are not like this, and will eventually propose to a woman if they fall in love, but there are people out there who allow other aspects of their lives to take precedence over their romantic relationships instead. This may be hard for you to believe if the idea of getting married and having a family has always been a goal of yours, but not all people feel this way.

If you keep hinting at marriage or even just boldly bringing it up, but he acts dismissive or changes the subject, then he doesn't want to get married. He's just being polite about it and doesn't want to damage the relationship by telling you upfront that he's not interested. Try a few times to get a clear answer from him, and you may be able to get a forced yes or no. However, if he's still evasive and you simply MUST get married, then consider ending the relationship. He probably doesn't want to be with someone who would view the relationship as a waste of time if it didn't end in marriage, anyway.

Finally, if he seems to have a casual attitude in general about relationships with women, and all his "long-term" ones were relatively short one or two years , then he's probably not interested in getting married any time soon.

What Should You Do If He Says He Never Wants To Get Married??

It could be that he's waiting until he's a little older, but who knows when he will come around. Take your chances if you must, but don't expect him to change.

Take The Quiz: Is He Going To Commit?

After much consideration, if you decide that marriage honestly is in your future, you might want to explain this to your boyfriend. A good relationship is built on honesty and communication, after all. If he reacts badly or admits that he doesn't want to get married, then at least you'll know where you stand. I caution you here, though: Do not act judgmental if it turns out that he doesn't want marriage right now.

Far too many women try to guilt men into marriage by telling them that they aren't "real men" until they've committed or that they are somehow immature for not wanting to get married. Not only is this insulting to people who genuinely have no interest in marriage, but it is unlikely to motivate him. Even if somehow he feels that you're right and forces himself into a marriage like many people do, then it will almost certainly end badly because he married for the wrong reasons.

There is nothing wrong with feeling that marriage is not for you. A man is not taking anything away from you by simply wanting to date you or be in a relationship with no intention for marriage. He is not refusing to "buy the cow because the milk is free," as some people say--because you are not a cow, and he could get "milk" anywhere to be honest. So don't listen to people who peer pressure you into judging him. Don't listen to friends who subtly insult him for not giving you his commitment. If a relationship with no chance of marriage doesn't work for you, then it simply doesn't work for you personally, and that's it.

You don't owe each other anything, and there's nothing wrong with gracefully bowing out. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Yes, those are good points as well, dashingscorpio.

As guys, we kind of want to "sow our wild oats" so to speak, and if we've only been with the same girl for years, there's going to be a natural curiosity. I imagine women feel this as well to some extent, though.

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You want to do what society expects, whether you realize it or not. There are lots of silent pressures to get married and many people act like your life isn't "complete" until you're married. You want to tie your partner down and make it harder for him to easily leave you. Those are often valid points. In other instances I imagine peer pressure from watching friends and siblings getting married plays a part as well. And now that there is "marriage equality" odds are that percentage will be going up.

Therefore whomever a woman finds herself dating there is a very high chance he will be getting married to someone! Therefore on average a person will have over 10 years of sexual experience before getting married.

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Odds are most people are not going to marry the first person they ever had sex with or maintain a courtship for 10 or more years of monogamy prior to marriage. Simply put most women have thought about their wedding day long before men gave marriage any serious thought! If on some subconscious level since the age 7 a girl has been pretending to be a wife and mother by age 22 she would have had 15 years to dream about her wedding day. And not every guy goes to the altar kicking and screaming. But there are lots of women in dysfunctional relationships who think the only problem is he hasn't proposed.

These women can waste years with a guy who is never going to marry them. Some women need the validation of the proposal more than an actual wedding. There is something about being chosen, even if it's not by the right guy, that has women clinging to relationships everyone else can see are going nowhere.

George Clooney He Is NOT: When a Man Says He Never Wants to Get Married, Believe Him!

Last year, Jennifer Gauvain, a clinical social worker and author, released her finding that "30 percent of divorced women knew they were marrying the wrong guy on their wedding day. For the women in these relationships, there are signs. The hard part is not just seeing them, but heeding them. Give thanks, get out and live your life without relying on a proposal to make you happy. Life isn't black and white, but if you have some doubts, these are indicators that he's not in a place to marry you.

It's not about him not loving you; it's about him not wanting to marry you. And you'll thank him years from now for not doing it. He's Evasive About the Future It is generally not a good idea to discuss marriage and babies on the first date -- unless you're on "The Bachelorette" where these uncomfortable conversations are a requirement.

But if you and your guy talk about jobs, careers, rent, trips, family and holidays, you should trust the relationship enough to discuss your future. Otherwise it becomes a vicious circle of neither of you bringing it up while the woman is silently waiting for something to change. This just causes more doubt and uneasiness. You'll be surprised how this type of discussion isn't so scary or difficult with the right guy.

Even though most women I know are successful professionals, it's understandable that most men want to know they can provide for their wife and family. While there is a time and place to focus on a career or education, to constantly hear "I'm not in a place to marry anyone right now" is confusing and frustrating. It keeps a relationship in perpetual limbo. His issues are his issues.

You pave the way for a lot of unnecessary hurt when you make them yours. Men are pretty literal creatures. Everyone has their own wants and their own preferences. The same qualities that make you not a match for one man might make you the perfect match for another.

I hope this articles showed you why you need to believe a guy when he says he never wants to get married. Going forward, there are two key moments in every relationship you need to be aware of.

When A Guy Says He Doesn’t Want Marriage: Believe Him!

At some point, he will ask himself: Is this the woman I want to commit myself to? The answer will determine whether the relationship deepens or ends. Do you know how a man decides a woman is girlfriend or wife material? Do you know what inspires a man to want to commit? If not, you need to read this article next: The 1 Things Men Desire in a Woman.

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Here is another big problem most will face: He seems to be losing interest, withdrawing, or going cold. Do you know what to do? If not, read this next: I still want a girl to love and commit to, and eventually have children with her; i just never want to marry: He has see the Psychological Effects of Divorce on fathers and his kids.