Pay attention to proper grooming, but don't walk around with curlers or facemasks if at all avoidable. Let HIM be the one to break out the camera or ask strangers to take pictures of the two of you.

Eight Tips for Your Romantic Weekend Getaway

If he sends the pictures to you, great - but don't ask him to. If he forgets his camera, let him buy a disposable one. You don't want to end up being the one who's in charge of memorializing the weekend on film. If he does bring his camera, then yours can come out too.

If he's inclined to a companionable silence, then smile and focus on the scenery. He will think you are trying too hard.

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Remember men fall in love with your essence, not with anything in particular you say. Still unsure about proper Rules protocol on the quick romantic trip? Then sign up for a free introductory minute consult at www.

Romantic Getaway

News Politics Entertainment Communities. Opinion HuffPost Personal Videos. Keeping in mind that even a weekend trip presents pitfalls and temptations that can set the relationship back - instead of moving it forward - here are five quick suggestions on how to act when you're away together: Let it be HIS idea. Don't drop hints about wanting to go away - or where you'd like to go. Plus, if something goes wrong - missed flight, bad hotel, traffic nightmares - you can be patient and supportive, instead of fearful that he may blame you in a cranky moment. Don't write a thank you note when it's over - or God forbid get him a "thank you" present.

Thank him as you're leaving or when he drops you off. Remember, it's also his pleasure to have had the privilege of spending such special time with you. Would you go away for a weekend with someone you are casually dating? So, the guy I'm casually dating said something on our last date about how we should get away for a weekend. I've only taken weekend trips with people I am serious with.

How to Plan a Cheap Romantic Weekend Getaway | Dating Tips

How many of you have taken weekend trips with someone you are just casually dating? It sounds fun, but I don't want him to think we are getting too serious by agreeing to go. If it makes a difference, we have been dating for about a month and a half. We agreed when we started dating that it would just be casual for now. Originally Posted by indecisive Yes, we have already had sex so I know that isn't what he wants.

We don't have sex every time we are together. Last time, he just wanted to cuddle in bed even though he definitely could have gotten more.

Maybe I didn't word my question correctly. It isn't a matter of my safety and well-being.

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I trust him enough to go away with him. We even have a couple mutual friends. I'm asking if he is starting to think things are more serious between us since we agreed in the beginning things would be casual for now. In regards to my sexual integrity, I don't go around sleeping with just anyone. I'm not sleeping with anyone else nor do I plan to while I am sleeping with him. While things are just casual right now, he is someone I could potentially see myself getting serious with in the future.

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Why are you so intent on this being just a casual relationship? Are you not sure about him? A month and a half is a pretty long time to be dating. I knew on the very first date with my now husband that he was The One. If it's been this long and you aren't sure about him yet, and you aren't excited about the idea of going on a trip with him If that's the case, why keep this relationship going?

Weekend Away With My Girlfriend (Lesbian Age Gap Couple)

You don't sound crazy about him. Originally Posted by PurpleLove No need to justify your sexual history with anyone. My personal opinion is that as long as everyone involved is fine with having sex, go for it. It's of course better if it's protected.

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