1. He Sincerely Wants To Spend Time With You

Moreover, alpha males do not generally understand subtle layers of languages, so you might have a little difficulty with communication. They like to be right all the time and come out on top every time. Dating a beta male may be the best choice for a woman in this modern society. They are most often the most sensitive to women— they are good listeners, are able to comfort and sympathize.

Where alpha males may be a bit animalistic in nature, betas are more refined. They have excellent communication skills, are creative, and can be very romantic. Beta males can be quite the emotional type, which is seen as a weak trait among males. They can easily get discouraged as well, lacking the natural and innate sexy self-esteem of the alphas. If betas are more I am sure world will be a better palce to live with less of terrorism and violence. Your article is stupid.

It just makes a bunch of generalizations and assumptions convenient to create a fictitious hierarchy, a black-white two-tiered scale that basically goes: Alpha — perfect individual; Beta — complete piece of shit. Literally every guy would fall somewhere between. Used to be beta-ish. Society expects men to go alone with the program or become transgender. Men who do not comply are mentally tortured.

It actually takes a real man to be a beta and go against society. That is so true of right now. Stay with us straight girls. Be true to yourself and let a real woman make it worth your while to be a man in this sly bs time. When I was young and super clueless. So i got the area covered of not paying dinners,not super complimenting women,not being so available,not calling or texting alot,telling her no,etc.

I was firm and direct. She got to know my deep feelings and fears. I guess i was too of an open book that it fired back. I told her how much I like her and if any doubts she has about me liking her,well this is where i wanted to confess my sentiment.

She rejected my advances and to NEVER do that again or she will file for a sexual harassment complaint against me. So I began to pull back. I felt like all my attempts have failed. So i had to swallow the hard pill. Well weeks passed and she got caught up in some drama scandal at work with another co-worker that is or was in a serious relationship that was already a engaged soon to be married his Fiancee came to our location and created all this drama for her.

Also,there was suspicion that they were having sex somewhere at our job location….

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Well,I know I messed up. I went for it,let her know my interest. Just being agood man that wanted to develop a loving relationship with a strong caring,communication bond and have a real meaning of Love. Perhaps she took me for granted. Alpha males have confidence, not arrogance. They have no need to put anyone down. I find this definition odd. They are not happy, their marriages are less steady and they are locked in a perpetual dick measuring contest. Meanwhile those in other specialties have a good work-life balance have waaaaaaay more steady home lives and in many cases it seems a far more rampant sex life not commenting on my own positive experiences haha.

To any nice guys reading this: Neanderthalism is no longer the ideal. The world has gone to the geeks and the nice guys. Girls like nice guys. He was a gym rat, pretty smart but VERY overconfident. My style was just asking a girl what she liked and listening really well. There is no competing with a good listener. Those are just my jobs.

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My hobbies are equally diverse. I just talked to people and helped them with things and they gave me chances. I never once had to show a resume except for med-school and hospital hiring. People appreciate it and know you are not heartless. That opens many doors and improves the lives of people around you. It seems people want to be alpha but every definition of alpha seems to define it as self-centeredness. If you work really hard you can improve the world around you and make a difference.

Dating Beta Men?

If collaboration, humility, concern and caring are beta traits then I certainly am glad to be one. Betas of the world stay strong. The alphas may be the bully in school which compared to being the bullied one seems great. But it is not a good existence. Remember, bullies are usually compensating for something. Alphas are afraid to cry and feel; they are afraid of vulnerabilities.

As someone who has achieved a great deal without compromising his ideals I can vouch for the fact that alpha behavior is antiquated at best and at worst actively detrimental to progress and overall species well being. Whether you are omega or alpha or somewhere in between, I hope you are living a fulfilled happy life. Absolutely love your response as I feel betas are not the weak. He is a good listener ,he believes feminism is important for women.

Ultimately, why even categorize men into these groups? Women, in general, will be attracted to strength, but women are individuals, not some generic psyche. Let me guess, in order to be an alpha you have to be an atheist. Gotta say hi to Nietzsche I guess. I have made observations especially in relationships n i find a beta male very needy, nice to point of being boring n almost desperate to hold on to the woman. They r the ones who will write lengthy lovey text messages, crawl hand n foot to please their woman n is basically a nodding donkey. Willing to be at home too much doing homely chores, not asking the woman to do the laundry or cooking etc.

The kind that gets a little too involved in their kids lives, prepare their lunch n get involved in school fnctions almost too willingly n eagerly not that its a bad thing but u get what i mean.. Very very boring n too eager to please. I see alpha males being the opposite, almost like the bad boy image, the jerk , but not really. They dont text long sappy msgs, only short n wots necessary, to the point. They have high aggressive sex drive, watch porn, confident n easy with crowds.

They r mostly dominant n appreciate when a woman respects them. They expect or appreciate typical man woman roles,woman cook n clean, man will provide n protect. Not afraid to confront and say no or fight for something. Every lady has their own taste tho. My lady boss is currently dating a very beta male. Soft spoken n does too much to please her.

Like constantly throughout the day. Very long heart to heart text msgs. Honestly, a lil too desperate n yuck for me. Sorry, but you sound like you have some issues to work on. No woman in this day and age should hanker after male dominance. The males you describe as your preference are actually narcissistic or even psychopathic men — and definitely misogynistic players are users they have no respect for women I urge you to do some research on these personality types, especially in relation to domestic violence and really think carefully about what experiences you have had that have lead to your low self esteem and why you would want to be treated so badly.

Good relationships are equal, friendly and kind. I am reading No More Mr. Nice Guy right now and resonate with a lot of things that were said in this article. I like how you organized this article, well done. Do you think your thesis is well supported? Or is it based upon speculation and anecdotal evidence.

I just wanted to mention that your theory is wrong. Look up the scientific research. Humans are a cooperative species somewhat and an alpha male who tries dominates a group would soon be overrun by his male peers. If everyone was an alpha male, where would be the beta males who would do follow the alphas and get the work done.

The ratio of alpha to beta male has to be very low, no? Please rely on scientific research. Just google the scientific research out there. There is actual studies that contradict his assertions. Humans are actually a VERY cooperative species. Trust me, beta males are far more attractive to women than alpha males unless the women are very young and uneducated in life, in which case they will chase an alpha male and be miserable or divorced in ten years.

Be thankful that you will never inflict all the misery that comes from alpha males treating everyone else, including their families, as second class citizens, or possessions. You may have to wait a little longer while women find out the hard way what narcissistic jerks alpha males are, but in the end you are the kind of person most women want. You are still young and have plenty of time to sort your life out. Be true to yourself and you will be OK. My worst failings were marrying two very successful alpha males.

I should have learned the first time! They invited cousins, aunts, and others to the wedding. I chose a local church that we had no history of attending. My wife wanted to marry in the church that we attended. The item that crowded me turned out to be a pillow. My wife wanted to go to New York our honeymoon, and I said no.

2. He Remembers Your Birthday

Said it was too hot there. We went to south Florida instead, were the heat was even hotter. During the honeymoon, my wife wanted to go to a famous water show that she attended when she was young. I did not want to wait one day for the rain to stop so we could see it. My wife asked me to drive her back from an outpatient surgery. I bailed at the last minute and she had to drive herself.

My wife had another outpatient surgery and I went home to eat during the surgery. I was not there if something happened. We bought a lesser house together, while my wife found a much better home in a different neighborhood that was a better buy financially. Her idea would have been the most prudent. My wife had separate bank accounts, and I made us consolidate, against her wishes, the multiple accounts. I now have separate accounts for various monies. My wife wants a regular drive way like everyone else into our house, and I insist on a pigtail into the home.

We have had the pigtail for years. I insist we buy a piece of property. My wife tells me how much we should pay. In another, I buy a piece of property that she does not want to buy. I insist and purchase anyway. In the above transactions, she tells me it is time for her turn to make a decision. I say yes it is, but am going to do it anyway because it is a good deal. Ate with my wife and daughter zero times, but ate with many family members at the table a lot of times. At a local restaurant, I was rude by making out the food was bad.

Showing out that I did not want to be there. Appreciate the honesty and many older generation people act like yourself. But please be aware that other family members actually dislike you despite the family connection. They are very unhappy and so are you?

I agree wholeheartedly with this article because I actually used to be a beta male myself. Sorry but it is clear you have no idea why women like beta males. It is not like the old days when women stayed home and did all the nuturing themselves while men were away working all day. Women are also far more cognisant of personality types thanks to the internet.

You just have to read what the characteristics of these personality types are and you will not only recognise them in most mdern leadership positions but women should run a mile when they meet one. If anyone is delusional, it is men who still have Neanderthal ideas about how men and women should behave. Alpha men cause so much pain and misery because they actually enjoy treating everyone else as second class citizens.

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Alpha males fool no one but themselves anymore. Meryl, Beta males are gross. I admire and am attracted to a man who is confident, assertive, and will willingly lead. You should not be emulating Chimps as a human. This is desperately sad. If anything, those guys you describe need their T levels checked. I am not convinced of this theory. Thinking back to when I was younger, I was shy and had a mother with feminist views and lacked confidence. I would say I was a beta when I was young.

I started working out for the first time, drinking, partying etc. Oh and I was surfing a lot so had a good body. By the time I got to uni I was a different person. I was oozing confidence. While at uni I met my soul mate. It was at the uni bar. Myself and a friend both fancied her. Needless to say I prevailed. And we have been together for over 17 happy years. I still workout regularly, am very fit, love doing boxing training at the local boxing gym not classes and am aiming on winning club championships on the velodrome.

I discovered that a mixture of assertiveness and being a natural leader aided me in my career. And I am super stubborn, I only walk away from conflict if there are distinct consequences such as legal proceedings or getting sacked from work. If anyone ever threatens my wife I lose my shit and go into killer mode. And I never start fights. Also, I never let someone take the blame for my mistakes.

On the other hand my wife is a very strong women, both physically and mentally. And is also a natural leader. She has enjoyed a great deal of success in her career. Which I am very proud of. Neither of us control the relationship, we each do our part. Some time ago I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. This was bad as I had held the belief that mental illness only affected weak people. I had a horrible run of bad health that interrupted my career.

I am now trying to get back into work. I HATE not working. The anxiety is much better, my other health issues are resolved and I am training hard again so things are looking up. I am applying for jobs, though it is hard after being away from work for a while. Basically I have been humbled and taught the lesson not to take things for granted. Being fit, strong, intelligent, assertive etc.

I hold on to the lessons of respect toward women that I was taught as a child, though I will not tolerate disrespect from any gender, nor should anyone. Actually, I treat all people with respect and assume they are well intentioned until I find out otherwise. Regardless of culture, religion, race, sexuality etc. Both my wife and I are supremely adaptable, so if one of us falls the other picks up the slack.

Actually, we have most things in common, as I say we are soul mates. So regardless of this alpha, beta, radiation type lark, basically your health and happiness in life are all that matters. As long as they are moral, ethical, respectful, not a complete ignoramus etc. I am quite sceptical of this classes of human theory.

I see myself being chivalrous, though I have been prone to arrogance more so before my health issues.

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  • Beta Male Traits.

In general the strong, determined and intelligent always have and always will rise to the top. Of course people born into money are a different subject. Actually, having risen up from a lower-middle class family would you say that people that have to fight to make it e. Also, can you really pick a beta by appearance. Metrosexual, skinny guys with glasses? Maybe you can, I sport a no thrills close buzz cut and fancy a bit of facial hair.

I like the sound of the gamma class. Anyone who has studied knows how serious this radiation is. Maybe I am the prototype. An adaptable being who can transition into any situation effortlessly. Who is both powerful, intelligent and yet thoughtful and considerate. My point is just stay happy everyone and be thankful if you are healthy have a good job, in love, athletic, intelligent etc. You only live once! In theory an alpha male could never suffer anxiety. Basically an irrational confrontation in oneself. Are we going back to the whole mental illness is weak line of thinking?

Anxiety can start for many reasons. Family history, substance abuse, chemical imbalance to name a few. Also, I have gotten what I want from life by adapting to change, working hard, being determined and believing in myself. Not because of some social claptrap hierarchy made up by some slimy maggot with low self esteem and an inferiority complex.

No I endured hardships through strength of will and learnt from experiences and became yet more determined. In other words I grew as I lived and tried to get the best of any situation. Also the idea that people are not free thinking individuals is ludicrous. No we use our ability to reason to think. I am stubborn nothing more. And, if you are a traditional old-fashioned woman who expects for the male to take the lead, then can you possibly imagine how such a timid and indecisive behavior of a beta male would come across?

They think he is not interested meanwhile he IS interested, but just too insecure to show it. You both wait for the other to initiate , which is a recipe for disaster. With beta males you will have to be explicit with what you want. Remember, they need extra reassurance and tons of green lights to make things happen. If they are not sure they would rather not take a risk… you know, just like us, females. In dating and relationships such males expect rather to follow than be followed. So, with this being said, in case you are involved, he will gladly follow YOU.

It is not like he is stupid, lazy or uninterested, it is just his personality. If you are naturally proactive and like to make things happen, then you will do great with beta-men. Do not confuse it with being submissive though. He does have his own opinions. He wants to go with the flow and he wants you to be happy.

Whatever you say or do will be welcomed.